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Name:The Perfect Zen
Birthdate:Oct 24
Website:Ianthe Aveira @ LJ

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13 ghosts, accents, alexander skarsgÄrd, alona tal, alternative, amazing race, andy gallagher, angst, ash, au, billy idol, blashpemy, bobby singer, boondock saints, boys in eyeliner, boys kissing, boys who cry, brian kinney, brian/justin, brothers, ccr, chad lindberg, chad michael murray, charlie & chocolate factory, christina ricci, classic rock, coal chamber, connor macmanus, connor/murphy, crypts, dante's cove, dark angel, dave navarro, dean koontz, dean winchester, dean/sam, derek reese, dexter, dreads, elijah wood, fanfiction, flip this house, forests, gabriel tigerman, gackt, goth, gravedancers, graveyards, hannibal king, heavy bass, ianto jones, icons, idle hands, ireland, jack harkness, jared padalecki, jdm, jeffrey dean morgan, jensen ackles, jericho, jo harvelle, john connor, john winchester, johnny depp, joyness, jrock, kilts, korn, led zeppelin, lilies, lineage 2, london after midnight, lord byron, lost, lotr, lycanthropes, lynyrd skynyrd, metal, milton, miyavi, mosh, mudvayne, murphy macmanus, nightmare before christmas, nin, norman reedus, pirates of the caribbean, pixels, placebo, poetry, prison break, property ladder, pulp fiction, queer as folk, reservoir dogs, rob zombie, sam winchester, scotland, sean patrick flanery, shelter, slash, sons of anarchy, southern rock, star wars, static x, stephen king, stephen king's horror movies, stuff'n'junk, supernatural, surfing, survivor, switchblade symphony, the big lebowski, the doors, the hamiltons, the riches, the sarah connor chronicles, tim burton, tool, torchwood, tragicaly hip, true blood, underworld, vampires, wensen, wentworth miller, white stripes, winchester boys, x-overs, zombies, zztop
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